Our Success Stories

We take our job seriously, and we take your success just as seriously. It's our job to help your business perform better and more efficiently.

Our success is fundamentally tied to your success.

Seeing our clients succeed... it just makes business sense. Below are a few testimonials from satisfied clients.

North Valley Orthopedic (Medical)
"The medical industry brings a unique set of unique challenges and considerations. Fortunately Mfrastructures specializes in listening to and responding to the particular needs of each of its clients. As a result, Mfrastructures was able help North Valley’s office (practicing medicine for over 30 years) run more smoothly, so that they can focus on the important business of getting their patients well.

"[Working with IT companies] is kind of like buying a car, you’re not really sure that they’re on your side at all -- with Mfrastructures, we just didn’t have that feeling. We [felt we] could trust them completely. I’d like to see them work in the medical field more, I think Mfrastructures has a real handle on it ... they should sub-specialize in medical offices."
- Susan Wilkins, Office Administrator

Williamson County Ready Mix (Construction)
"In regard to our experience with Mfrastructures, they have handled our network and communications needs for the past six years and have done an excellent job. Mfrastructures has helped us build a network that allows several complex software applications to work in harmony and the Altigen phone system has drastically improved the efficiency of our dispatching operations. We rely greatly on the tools Mfrastructures has helped us put in place and can't imagine how we operated without them."
- Kimberly Tidwell, Exec. Vice-President

Smith Travel Research (Service, Multi-site, Global)
"Mfrastructures was referred to us by Altigen about 9 years ago when we were looking to upgrade our phone system. At the time we had a phone system where we had to call the vendor every time we wanted to change an extension -- which is against my "religion." I was personally familiar with the Altigen systems and liked the principle: anyone familiar with computer systems can easily handle day-to-day operations with these systems. In less than 10 years we’ve expanded that single Altigen system and now have three of them spread across the planet that act as a big integrated phone system. Mfrastrcutures has always been there to assist us with kinks that inevitably show up and helping us while we grow."
- Vice President - Systems

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